The Self-Help Files

My journey through my 20s with the assistance of a few self-help books. Join me?

The first book is complete! Check out my thoughts in It’s a Wonderful Lie.
Second book was a quickie! See what I have to say about The Dip.
The third book was another quick one. I finished Make the Impossible Possible by Bill Strickland in less than 24 hours. I could barely put it down because it was such a great story. Lots of inspiration to be found in this book! See some of the quotes I’ve picked out from it here.
4/19: I read The Heroine’s Bookshelf by Erin Blakemore. It was a birthday gift from my roommate and while I didn’t anticipate that it would fit into the Self-Help Files, as I finished the book I realized that was exactly where it belonged on this blog. Read my review of the book and what I took away from it, and if you feel like it, check out the book itself! It’s a good one for fans of classic literary heroines like Scout Finch, Jo March, Laura Ingalls and Jane Eyre.
5/1: “Roadtrip Nation: A Guide to Discovering Your Path in Life.” Quick, reassuring and informative!

Just finished:

6/20: Quarterlife Crisis… a little outdated, but still worth checking out.

On hold:

I’m currently reading 20 Something 20 Everything by Christine Hassler. It is “A 20-Something Woman’s Guide to Balance and Direction.” I picked it up on a whim at Barnes & Noble when I had a gift card to spend, and I’m looking forward to what it has to offer, because we all know I’m looking for some balance and direction right now! The book is full of exercises to really get you taking this seriously, so I have high hopes for this book.

Annnnnd Coming Soon To a Blog Near You:

Last One Down the Aisle Wins: 10 Keys to a Fabulous Single Life Now and an Even Better Marriage Later

Thanks for this one, Mom…I’ve actually been holding on to this one since August 2010. Started reading it, but haven’t really had the desire to devote a lot of time to it yet. I’ve got some other more pressing issues to deal with in the realm of self-help, but I am still definitely looking forward to this one. It’s still sitting on my nightstand, taunting me, where it’s been for five months now and it’s not going away anytime soon! I’ll get around to it, promise…it looks to be an interesting take on the life of a single girl in her 20s!


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