Let’s Get Weddy (AKA #TeamBride #060912)

After almost a year of intense anticipation, last month I finally got to stand next to one of my best friends while she married the man of her dreams. And while she is the only person who can really validate whether I have actually accomplished this item on my Single Girl’s Checklist, I think it’s pretty safe to say I (and the other bridesmaids) did:

#41: Be an awesome bridesmaid.

Like I said, Claire is really the only person who can truly say whether I attained the “awesome” status in the weeks leading up to and on her big day. But if the following are included in the criteria, I think #TeamBride #060912 crushed it:

  • Checking to be sure the bride’s undergarments did not show through the wedding dress.
  • Preventing the bride’s former co-worker from walking in on her naked. Yeah, that would’ve been awkward.
  • Crying at the rehearsal. You know, just to be sure I could do it right…
  • Bonding with the groom in a hallway at the rehearsal dinner, including finally getting the gossip about how their relationship got started (and then sharing said gossip with the rest of the bridal party).
  • Giving an emotional and funny toast at the rehearsal dinner, when no one else was toasting. To a group of virtual strangers.
  • Throwing out a That’s What She Said joke with her dad’s cousin at the table. And he was the first one to laugh.
  • Practicing slow-dancing with my fellow bridesmaid/bff at the rehearsal dinner.
  • Unwrapping hundreds of sparklers for the grand exit on the big day at 11 pm the night before.
  • Totally embarrassing myself, a fellow bridesmaid and the bride in front of her parents by showing a slideshow of our lives together over the past six years. The parents were not intended to be present for this.
  • Creating a sobworthy slideshow of the bride and groom for the cocktail hour.
  • Keeping tabs on the bride’s mom and dad and their emotions throughout the weekend.
  • Taking a massive picnic lunch to the hair salon. And tweeting about it. A lot.
  • Bonding with the groomsmen in our holding pen before the ceremony about who even knows what.
  • Freaking out when the best man almost dropped the rings down a vent – it has to happen at every wedding, right?!
  • Sitting on itty bitty pre-school chairs in the church basement.
  • NOT tripping while walking down the aisle.
  • NOT fainting even with shaking legs throughout the ceremony.
  • Sobbing the second you see the bride at the end of the aisle, on her dad’s arm, beginning to sob.
  • Making eye contact with the mother of the bride at that moment, making her realize the bride is crying, and prolonging the trickle effect of the tears.
  • Quoting Friends in the middle of the ceremony (ahem, Kirsten…)
  • Climbing hills at an apple orchard in dresses and heels for amazing photography opportunities.
  • Getting the dancing started at the reception.
  • Forcing the father of the bride to come dance with all four bridesmaids – a moment he was supposedly mortified by, but could not stop talking about or smiling about.
  • Ripping the slit in the back of your dress to a very dangerous level while lunging for the bouquet, because, you know, you’re single with no prospects and clearly ready for that step in life…
  • Forgetting to take even one photograph on the wedding day because you are completely absorbed in the love, happiness and joy of the moment and can’t imagine being concerned about documenting it.
  • Crying the next morning, when saying goodbye to the bride’s parents, who insist on making you breakfast, force leftover cake and tiramisu on you, and tell you that they love you and consider you to be daughters.
  • Being unable to stop smiling for several days afterward because your heart is so full of love still.
  • And, of course, there was the shower and bachelorette weekend…but portions of that are never to be spoken of again, like any good bachelorette party 😉

Even thinking about it now, almost a month later, I am still so full of joy for Claire and Kyle, and so honored to have played such an important part in their day. Wedding weekend withdrawal set in less than 6 hours after I got home, and I’m not sure it’s subsided yet.

Bridesmaids and our bride at the bridal luncheon the day before the wedding.

To my fellow bridesmaids – we did it! To my beloved bride – thanks for making me part of your day. Now… who’s next, ladies??


One thought on “Let’s Get Weddy (AKA #TeamBride #060912)

  1. The joy on your face when you got home said everything that needed to be said about the weekend! Claire and Kyle- congratulations, and thanks for bringing that joy into Lindsay’s life…

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