Thoughts while watching Love Actually

As I may have mentioned (at least a half dozen times before), I adore the movie Love Actually.

I started watching it on Sunday night, but I was so exhausted after a full weekend that I couldn’t make it through to the end. Probably the first time this has ever happened to me. (Except maybe that time senior year when I finished a bottle of wine by the end of the movie – I may have missed the end then.)

But I just finished watching it last night and couldn’t help but share some of my thoughts:

  • I will never watch this movie without wishing that Kirsten and Claire were sitting by my side, laughing at inappropriate moments.
  • “I HATE UNCLE JAIME!” might be my favorite line in the movie.
  • God only knows what I’d do without Kirsten and Claire.
  • I wish Hugh Grant would show up at my doorstep to sing carols. With Gavin singing backup, of course.
  • I miss when I was friends with this kid named Troy and he would imitate Hugh’s dance from the movie. Maybe we can get him to do it at Claire’s wedding?! Add “Jump For My Love” to the playlist, Cbear.
  • I am so glad Billy Bob Thornton is not our President in real life.
  • It still makes me mad that Natalie is called “chubby” so often.
  • The phrase “Try my lovely nuts,” from Collin makes me giggle every time.
  • I am still peeved Sara and Karl don’t get together.
  • “Songbird” being my parents’ song still makes me uncomfortable due to its context in this movie.
  • I still hate the office slut in the devil horns. And who wears devil horns to a company Christmas party?!
  • The DJ at the wedding in this movie reminds me of Liana and Steve’s DJ. In a hilarious kind of way.
  • Collin ordering a Budweiser in Milwaukee bothers me… hello? Milwaukee? Miller? Come on, research team…
  • I wish Christmas plays were anywhere near as exciting as the one in this movie… lobsters, an octopus, a kid with a Spiderman face painting… and those “hip hop” dancers?! Magical.
  • I want to some day use the phrase, “Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love,” and really mean it.
  • I hope the “Glasgow Love Theme” plays when I meet the man I am meant to marry. You know, just in cases.
  • Oh, and that man better use the line, “To me, you are perfect,” some day.


So, so good…


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