Adventures in Pinning

To those of you who have not yet discovered Pinterest, I must say:

  1. I am terribly saddened at this gaping hole in your life.
  2. You probably get a lot more productive stuff done than I do.
  3. Let me know if you want an invite, because it may change your life.

Basically, Pinterest is visual bookmarking. You create virtual pinboards for whatever you want – recipes, crafts, home decor ideas, graphic design inspiration, wedding planning, etc. And whenever you come across something droolworthy online, you can “pin it” to the board with a pretty, pretty picture so that you can be inspired by it again down the line and put it into practice. You can also “follow” people or search random categories and re-pin anything you find that makes you go “ohhhhhhh.”

I have in the past month or two begun actually attempting many of the things I have found thanks to Pinterest.

First, I attempted these Caramel Apple Cider cookies for the Sunday in the Country music festival in October. I am salivating now just remembering them. They were deliciously ooey and gooey, especially after sitting in the sun for a couple hours. Perfection. A glowing success.

Next, I attempted to make a homemade facial mask that a friend had pinned. It consisted of honey, nutmeg and cinnamon. This one? An epic failure. The consistency of it was not thick enough, so it was dripping down my face. I now know what it is like for your face to be melting. It was supposed to stay on for half an hour, but after 10 minutes, my face was burning, so I washed it off. And had red splotches ALL OVER my face. Lesson learned: I have a mild allergic reaction to honey, nutmeg and cinnamon on my skin. Kirsten questioned whether I’d accidentally read a pie recipe.

My most recent adventure was this past Friday night when I got together with two friends for dessert and adult hot chocolate. The recipe of choice? Nutella-mallow pillow pockets from Picky Palate. The results? Simply glorious.

I want to eat this forever.

Nutella, marshmallow and puff pastry. Absolutely divine. And so simple. That paired with Ryan Gosling and some Baileys and hot chocolate made for a lovely evening.

I really think Pinterest helps me get more motivated to do these things that I might otherwise forget about. Traditional bookmarking for me always got lost in long lists. But with Pinterest, it’s “OOOOOH! Pretty pictures! I want to make that craft! I want to eat that! I want to go there! I need to buy that for so-and-so for Christmas!”

I can’t wait to tackle some more pins!

Do you pin?? What does Pinterest help you with?


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