Waiting Wednesday

I am dubbing today Waiting Wednesday, as I have a feeling it is going to be a verrrrrrry long day. I have so much to look forward to and the last thing I am wanting to do is sit at my desk making phone calls and working on spreadsheets!

Things I will be looking forward to all day as I wait for the clock to tick down to 5:00 include:

  • Coming home to help my mom with Thanksgiving prep. I’m always home the day before to help her out, so this year is going to be a bit weird! I won’t be here when she butters the bird! …that sounds weird.
  • Cleaning the house…not that I look forward to that, but it’s part of my co-hosting duties on Thanksgiving.
  • THANKSGIVING. Prep the morning of while watching the Macy’s parade. Family. Food. Laughter. Wine. Good times all around. (And my favorite holiday by far.)
  • FOOTBALL. Ravens-49ers on Thursday night. Better known at Harbaugh Bowl. I’m hoping my boys are still riding that high from Sunday’s win and will show who the superior Harbaugh brother is!
  • West Wing Thanksgiving episodes. I always try to watch one every year. With the game being so important this year, I’m not sure if it’ll happen, but I hope so! Maybe I’ll watch it tonight instead!
  • Black Friday shopping? Potentially. Not likely, as I have approximately no money to spend. But maybe. I definitely will not be going to Kohl’s, because I am so displeased with their Rebecca Black commercial.
  • Crafting! Working on those Christmas presents for my girls!
  • Christmas music. The holiday season will officially begin on Thursday night as I will re-check all the Christmas songs on my iTunes that have remained unchecked since last December. This includes my all-time favorite Christmas song (I’ll post it after Thanksgiving!).
  • The first viewing of Love Actually for the year. I know many people watch this year round, but I stick to the season. I can’t wait to watch it and recite it line for line multiple times over the next month and a half. Just in cases.
  • MARY. My Mary is coming to Baltimore to visit me (and I guess her family. psch.)

Those are just a few of the things I’m looking forward to…

What are you waiting for this Wednesday?!


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