Perfect fall day

It’s been two years. Two years since I set foot in M&T Bank Stadium. Two years since my last Ravens game. Two years since I felt that rush.

Thanks to my dad, today I got to feel that again, to the nth degree with a phenomenal victory, and a special opportunity to honor a Ravens great.

I went to the game with my mom, my sister and my uncle. Two sets of siblings enjoying some simple tailgating before heading into the stadium. We said our obligatory “what’s up” to Johnny U as we headed to the gate and then settled in for what would be an amazing game.

I can never accurately describe the feeling I get at sporting events, especially at Ravens games. The chills, the sense of unity and pride. But today was perfect. And despite the slight headache I am experiencing now thanks to the mimosas while tailgating and the beers during the game, I’d do it all over again.

Panera bagels and mimosas...simple and classy tailgate fare.

Mom and Uncle John


Uncle John with half of his nieces.

Me and mah mama

Matt Stover showin' off that Super Bowl bliiiiiiing during his Ring of Honor induction.

Oh, what a glorious day it was. 🙂


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