Laughter is the best medicine

I don’t have a clever or witty or eloquent way to write this post.

All I know is that tonight, I am going to bed with a smile on my face and love in my heart. After a weekend that definitely could’ve gone better, and a Monday morning that was less than stellar, I found my cure. Laughter.

Laughter on gchat with my dear friend Mary, all day long like we used to, making up new phrases and discussing badgers and drawing stares and questions from coworkers.

Laughter when the radio station played TLC’s “No Scrubs” and I was blaring it and singing along, windows rolled down, with no shame toward the end of my commute home.

Laughter at my best friend unexpectedly being at the gym at the same time as me.

Laughter at How I Met Your Mother (we’ll forget about the tears at the end for now).

Laughter on the phone with my college roomie/bff/bride-to-be (we’ll forget the almost-tears at the thought that she’s going to be married in less than seven months).

Laughter melts the stress away. It brings me back to earth. It makes me feel physically lighter.

To those who make me laugh on a regular basis, I thank you. Sometimes you don’t know it, but I need it more than you could ever imagine. 🙂

And as Mary’s inquisitive coworker so sagely (or oreganoly?) said today, “Funny friends are good.”

Bald point, Rondo. Bald point.*

*No, you aren’t going to understand that, unless you are Mary. Forget it ever happened. 🙂


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