On Superstition and Frustration

I went to the gym this morning. I ran my little heart out (and beat my 5k time, holla!). I sweat more than Tony Siragusa on the equator. I came home. I showered.

I participated in a bit of superstition. I put on the exact outfit I was wearing last week when the Ravens came back to beat the Steelers. My purple undies and bra. My jeans. My black long-sleeve sweater, my Ray Rice jersey, and my black and purple flats.

I was pumped for the game. Excited to relax and enjoy some football after a very stressful weekend. And then the game started. And my stress and frustration was increased yet again.

I can’t even put into words how frustrating it is to watch this team this year. We started the season amazingly, killing the Steelers. Then we lost to Tennessee? And Jacksonville? And now Seattle?

The inconsistencies from game to game – hell, from possession to possession – are driving me batty. I turned the game off two weeks ago when they played the Cardinals. They came back and won. Last week, I couldn’t bear to turn off the Steelers game, and they came back and won. Tonight…well, tonight was just sad.

I try to be optimistic, I really do. But I get bored. And tired of watching missed opportunities.

I don’t think I have a point to this post really. But maybe next week I won’t be so superstitious.

Ah, who I am kidding. I will be wearing the exact same thing – except maybe it’ll be my one-of-a-kind Suggs jersey instead. Need a little defensive magic, perhaps.


One thought on “On Superstition and Frustration

  1. I watched my Longhorns lose to Missouri this weekend…that was pretty painful. But TCU beat Boise State, so I don’t have to spend the next week watching Drew pout. It balances out.

    Have fun at the Ravens game this week! Drew says he hopes they lose (because they’re playing Andy). I’ll punch him for you.

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