Adult…or something like that… part 2

That whole “being an adult” thing has kicked my butt again.

This morning I decided I should probably check my bank account to see my financial status. And while I don’t feel like I’ve been spending much money, apparently I spent much more than I should have in D.C. last weekend. But I get paid on Tuesday, so I thought I could make it. Except that my credit card payment is also due on Tuesday. Minimum payment, here I come.

Then this afternoon, my mom noticed that my muffler on my car looked like it was falling off. My brother-in-law came over to look at it and upon touching it once, it clanged to the ground. Grrrrrreat.

So now I not only need new tires, I also need a new muffler. And I’m overdue for an oil change. And the holidays are coming up rapidly.

It’s days like this that I wish I hadn’t left that steady, well-paying job to pursue my real career goals. (But I know this feeling will pass, because I was so utterly unhappy there that I couldn’t survive any longer.)

I proceeded to have an hour-long text conversation with my best friend about our love/hate relationships with money. Which I think, ultimately, comes down to a love/hate relationship with being a responsible adult.

It might be time to pick up a second job around here…


One thought on “Adult…or something like that… part 2

  1. You should move to Texas. It’s not likely to help your financial situation much, but I will be there to cheer you up at the end of a long day and compare “my car has the WORST timing stories.”

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