Roots and Wings

I mentioned that I went to two concerts this weekend. The first was John Mellencamp with my parents, the second was Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers with three of my girlfriends.

This marked the fourth time I’ve seen SK (plus or minus the 6ers…once was a solo show), and I swear to you, they get better every time. They rocked it out last year when I saw them with my two best friends, and continued the tradition this past weekend. Only this time, it was a standing room only venue, so I got to fully experience it, bopping and dancing and jumping and being “those girls” in the crowd.

The power of music

Anyway, this isn’t about the concert, or about the band itself. This post is about the music. And the words.

I spent the last three weeks “studying” for this concert by listening to nothing but SK6ERS in my car. And I can’t even tell you how many times, as I was belting out the lyrics unashamed by the people who could see me through my tint-free windows, I was brought to tears or got chills when the lyrics actually hit me. Anyone who knows Stephen Kellogg’s music knows that he is VERY much about family, and that may be why I identify with his music so much.

One of the songs that’s meant the most to me lately is from their new album, Gift Horse, called “Roots and Wings.” I’m not going to write it to death, instead I want to share the talent of SK6ERS with you in its purest form.

Embracing my roots and wings

I absolutely LOVE this concept of “Roots and Wings,” and I am so glad that it’s something my parents have given me.

My roots are undeniable. I am a Baltimore girl through and through, and my life and my family here will always draw me back.

But my parents also gave me wings and have encouraged me to use them my whole life. I used my wings to head off to Elon, a place that became my home, a place I left my heart, and a place that formed me into the person I am today. I used my wings to spend a semester in Australia, a place that will forever make me smile, laugh and cry when I think about it. I grew more in my five months in that country than I did in any other time in my life. I learned to fly higher and stronger than ever before. I used my wings to move to Annapolis, where I was blessed with some of the best people I could have ever hoped to meet. I used my wings to quit my job, to dig myself out of a hole, and to take a grip on my life.

Through it all, my parents have supported and encouraged me.

They know that I’m looking to use those wings to take flight again very soon. To find my new home, my new adventure, my new calling. But they also know that they did a pretty damn good job raising me and that my roots run deep enough that I’ll always come back and never forget where I started.

I’m thankful for the fact that they gave me my roots and my wings and that they haven’t feared the changes that would bring.

Now if I could just convince myself to not fear those changes…

PS – If anyone watches the Sixers video and is wowed by the music (as you should be), they are doing two shows in Annapolis next month and I would love some company!


3 thoughts on “Roots and Wings

  1. Hi there — if I’ve never said it before I’ll say it now: I so love reading what you write 🙂 I’m a choir teacher but more importantly I am absolutely in love with and completely obsessed with “the power of music” – you you expertly put it. It’s power, it’s ability to reach that part inside of us that nothing else can access is so brilliant and amazing and it made me so happy that you wrote it about it so beautifully and shared an amazing song 🙂 Just thought I’d pop in and say, BRAVO!

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