Playing catch-up

It’s been an absurdly long time since I’ve written, but that’s because I’ve been absurdly busy for the last month or so. Summer flew by this year, and especially the last month and a half of it was a total blur.

I went from being a [relatively] carefree freelancer with a totally flexible schedule to an editorial assistant at a local magazine with eight-hour workdays in the matter of two weeks’ time. And in the midst of this new schedule adjustment, I still had long-planned adventures in my social life that I had to participate in. Including a weekend in the woods in Shenandoah during a hurricane three days before my first day at the new job. And a concert the night before my first day. Good planning.

And although my “full” workweek is only four days, I have not worked a full week yet. I get Fridays off so I’m not full time and they don’t have to give me benefits. I started on a Tuesday. The following week was Labor Day. The week after that, I flew to Texas on Thursday, and didn’t get back til Monday last week. So this week begins my first “full” week at the job.

Despite that, I feel like I’ve gotten into a routine now. I don’t have issues waking up and getting ready. I am not utterly exhausted by the end of the day like I was the first week. I’ve been able to make time for social events in the evenings.

But now, I’ve decided to throw another wrench into things. As of last Friday, I am training for a 5K. My first race, ever. I don’t think I ever even did the middle school Turkey Trot except when forced to. I’m running the 5K at the Race for the Cure in Maryland on October 23, and I’m taking this training really seriously. Including giving up alcohol and soda until after the race. Yeah, it’s come to that. So the social life should probably die down a bit in the next month…

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Lauren and I had been talking about wanting to run one for a while, but we needed the motivation. We’re cutting it a bit close – typical training for a 5K is six weeks and we only have four – but I think we’re gonna be able to do it.

So now the question remains – do I want to train in the mornings or at night? I’m inclined to try both this week and see what works best for me. 5 a.m. workouts just sound horrific, but it might need to happen. Otherwise, I’ll give it a shot after work.

I’ve got a few other posts in the works, but just wanted to do a quick catch-up post before delving into those. Lots of exciting things going on these days, just need to find the time to write about them!


3 thoughts on “Playing catch-up

  1. I can call you at 5:45 am when I am up for my morning workout! We can skype into each other so it is just like old times! Honestly, working out in the morning sucks at first, but it is an a-m-a-z-i-n-g feeling to not have to go after work. And you can just chill, or in my case, go to class!

  2. I started a new job in August and now I get to the gym at 4:45am… It’s brutal but nice to have evenings free. 🙂 Congrats on the new job and the wonderful goals you’re setting! You’re absolutely lovely and I wish you lots of beautiful things for this new chapter of your life.

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