In Celebration of 95%

Today is a very important, very special day, a day I will be eternally grateful for. It is the day that one of my dearest friends in the world was born.

Happy 24th birthday, Kirsten!

When I met Kirsten in August of 2006, I don’t think I ever could have imagined the influence she would have on my life. She was just supposed to be a suitemate, maybe an acquaintance. In the five years since then, she has become someone I absolutely cannot imagine my life without. She’s been my suitemate, my friend, my roommate, my therapist, my shoulder to cry on, my regular phone date, my comic relief, my movie date, my soulmate, my sister and my best friend.

After she convinced me to sign up on OKCupid to try online dating, we compared our match percentage. We were only matched at like 72% or something, but our friendship percentage was at 92%.

We were kind of upset that our friendship match wasn’t a little bit higher, and we’ve been trying to figure out where the discrepancies lie. We have some ideas. Such as her love of and my disinterest in Harry Potter, and my love and her absolute hatred of country music.

But we are also now trying to get ourselves up to about 95% friendship level.

We have assessed ourselves at 95% when:

  • we snort from laughter in sync
  • we say the same thing at the same time, via text, gchat, Twitter, fb, in person, on the phone…
  • we use all of the above modes of communication in a single day (or sometimes a single hour)
  • we spend three weekends in a row together doing awesome things like speed dating and celebrating her birthday and proposing to singer-songwriters
  • we whine together
  • we wine together (YES.)

The bottom line is, when I think about the most important moments in my life in the past five years, Kirsten was there for them all. When I think about the most important moments that are coming up in my life, I know she will be there for them all once again. OKCupid may say we’re only a 92% friendship match, but I know better.

So today, I am spending the day with Kirsten in celebration of her birthday and of our friendship.

I’m celebrating the 95% and thanking her for being there for me through the good and the bad.

And I’m probably laughing a heck of a lot too.

Me and Kirsten in November 2005 - the beginnings of our friendship.

In the same spot five years later!

Happy Birthday, KJ! May all your dreams come true this year, and may you still be questioned about being old enough to drink for at least another three years!

(And I’m sorry for posting a pic of you with that hat, but at least your eyebrows were showing in this one! But, holy crap, we look like BABIES!!)


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