The Bug Has Bitten Again

It was only a matter of time before it happened again. I’ve been bitten again and that itch I just need to scratch is driving me nuts. The travel bug. It’s giving me a little nibble every day. The family trip to Jamaica satisfied it for a while, but I knew it wouldn’t last long.

Destination: Unknown

Now, it’s just a matter of prioritizing and figuring out which trips to take. (Not to mention which ones I can afford to take.)

I have a couple of options for the month of June right now, both for cities that have been on my to-visit list for a while. Both with hotel accommodations paid for. Both with fabulous friends as travel companions.

Option #1: Boston

My friend Liana told me a couple weeks ago that she had a work trip to Boston coming up at the end of June. The good thing about that option is her work pays for her hotel room, which I can share with her. Therefore, I only need to pay for my flight and whatever food and attractions we decide to partake in. (Flight? $123 round trip thanks to Southwest.)

Photo courtesy of my parents and their Boston trip last September.

It’s a guaranteed good time with her, and I know we would hit up some amazing foodie locations because she has her Blackberry Food Blog to keep up with. I might have to man a booth with her for a bit of time at the conference, but that’s easy peasy. Or I could adventure on my own. Options are endless.

Option #2: New Orleans

My other friend Lauren just invited me to join her and her [big extended] family in New Orleans for a weekend in June as well. They’re all going for her cousin’s 21st birthday and her mom suggested inviting me along, offering to pay for our hotel room.  So again, I’d just have to cover flight and food/booze/attractions. (Quick search shows flights at $250 and up.)

I’ve only met Lauren’s parents before, but since I’ve known her since 7th grade, I have heard enough stories and seen enough photos to know that her extended family is nothing short of amazing. The fun I would have in N’orleans would probably be right up there with my Vegas trip last year.

How to choose…or not.

So I have a decision to make. Boston? New Orleans? Or both?

While I realistically probably cannot afford to do both of these trips, an aspiring travel writer needs to travel as much as possible in order to be successful. After all, what am I supposed to write about if I’m not going anywhere?

The good thing is, I am kind of in control of my income since I’m freelancing, so I can take on more work for the rest of this month and throughout June in order to offset the costs associated with taking these trips. But I still may need to prioritize.

Rethinking travel priorities.

I’ve been dying to have somewhere to go this summer to satisfy that itch and I didn’t imagine I would have two options with perks. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to weigh my options like this and it’s got me thinking about my priorities here.

Do I want gumbo, Bourbon Street, the French Quarter and drinking on the streets? A mix of culture and crassness?

Or do I want clam chowder, Cheers, the Freedom Trail and the Sam Adams Brewery tour? A mix of history and well…probably crassness as well.

I haven’t thought about my travel priorities or philosophies much recently. Or maybe ever. In this particular case, it’s really difficult because both locations hold so much culture and historical significance, in different ways.

It might be time for me to make one of my famous pro-con lists. Or it might just be time to suck it up and say, “Hey, you’re young, you want to be a travel writer…GO. Do. See. Experience. Learn. Write.”

Which would you choose?

So I’m coming to my readers for some advice here. If you had to choose, which of these two locations would you check out in June?

Both locales hold interest and cultural appeal for me. I would inevitably have a great time on either excursion. So I’m torn. Open to advice and suggestions here!


2 thoughts on “The Bug Has Bitten Again

  1. I’d really love to see Boston, but I am dying to go back to New Orleans. I had an incredible time when I was there, and I wasn’t even able to hit up the bars! I love the culture there, and I cannot wait to go back!

  2. Hi Lindsay! I went to college in Boston and have been to New Orleans a few times, once for Mardi Gras and the others just for visits. I think you should chance the Louisiana humidity! N.O. has the crazy French Quarter (where, oddly, beads and frontal flashing is de rigeur year-round), 2- or even 3-for-1 beer specials in the afternoon, drive-through daquiri stands and insanely good food. Oh, and the music is great. You’d have a great time in Boston, but you could always take the Acela up or find another cheap flight in autumn, Boston’s best season.

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