Let the Hootenanny Begin

Back in February, my dear friend Liana’s gchat status one day said something along the lines of, “Alicia, Sara, Krissy, Kristin and Lindsay, I hope you all are prepared to be members of the bridal hootenanny! Your assignments will be doled out soon!”

First, I was honored to be included in this prestigious list of women. And second, some of us were wondering at the choice of the word “hootenanny” for this particular congregation. So I looked it up, and the all-knowing Wikipedia has this to say. I’ve highlighted the pertinent points:

Hootenanny, via Wikipedia, with some highlighting by me.

  • Thingamajig or whatchamacallit? Yep, that seems about right for this group. We’re a unique group that I’m not sure can be accurately described. I also get the feeling that on the morning of Liana’s wedding, there are going to be requests to find her that thingamajig or hand her that whatchamacallit. (It’s called BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE, Liana. Try to remember that.)
  • An old-country word for party? HECK YES. If there is one thing our group knows how to do, it is party. And I believe we will follow through with that on Liana’s wedding day. From drinking champagne with her while she gets her hair done to beckoning the guests to the dancefloor with our choreographed moves, we will make sure the party is there. Oh, and did I mention the glowsticks?
  • Meeting of the minds? When we need to put down the “party” aspect of our lives, we usually can. So when Liana needs us to be serious, walk away from the glasses of champagne and talk her through something, we’ll be there.
  • Other circumstances that require a focused discussion between key individuals? Well, obviously. Key decisions will likely include: “Can I have this fourth glass of champagne and still stand up straight long enough to say ‘I do’ to the love of my life?” And while our peer pressuring ways may be tempting, hopefully we’ll say, “I think you should maybe wait until after the ceremony now.”
  • Call together the required personnel needed to accomplish the prodigious assignments placed on them? DONE. Liana is doling out the assignments to us and we will answer the call with vigor and gusto. I have been practicing my Katy Perry “Just Dance” Wii choreography, my “you know you want to come sign the guestbook” face and my “I’m not going to cry” tactics, and I think I’m up to the challenge.

So after this careful scientific analysis, I think it is safe to say that yes, we are Liana’s bridal hootenanny. And I am honored to be part of that.

Dreaming of her hubby-to-be on her fake bachelorette a year ago...

Liana, we love you SO much and we hope you’re ready for your bachelorette festivities this weekend! Your hootenanny will not let you down. And we’re hoping that it’ll still be acceptable even without the *ahem* Australian visitors that were present for your fake bachelorette last year…

(AND…thank you for showing me an awesome opportunity to go after my dreams! You’re the best!)


4 thoughts on “Let the Hootenanny Begin

  1. Oh my goodness! I am so honored to have my very own post! Well, I hope that means you know how much I need/want/require/demand you are a part of my wedding day from feeding me drinks to stuffing my tear-soaked hankie back into my cleavage (I didn’t tell you that task?)

    You always remind me to feel excited about the day instead of stressed and fearful that Jesus *will* come back to Earth on May 21 (it says so all over the buses in DC now!) I think I’ll hold off my last confession until after this weekend though …

  2. Lindsay- hope all of you have a fab time this weekend! And Liana- do the confession now. You will then have a clean slate for the weekend and the next confession won’t take so long- lol. Congratulations to you! Enjoy your party…

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