You Know You’re [Single] in Your Mid-20s When…

On my birthday last Thursday, I got an email from my father. The subject line said, “DO YOU FEEL OLDER?!?!?!?!” Followed by a gigantic, red “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!” in the body of the email.

I didn’t feel old until he emailed me that…and then I realized that I guess I am officially in my “mid-20s” now. I guess it’s debatable about when that actually starts. 23? 24? 25? I’m inclined to say 24. Welp. That’s fun. I found the remedy for that slight case of the downzies in the form of a 32-oz. margarita.

(Seriously, El Toro Bravo, I love you. Even if you did give me THE most embarrassing post-dinner birthday dessert presentation of my life. Or maybe because of that. But I digress.)

I mean...that's just...uncalled for.


Since then, I’ve been thinking about this whole “mid-20s” thing. And there are several signs that I’m there, mostly revolving around being single and wedding fever. So I bring to you now…

I know I’m [single] in my mid-20s when…:

  • I attended my first wedding for a friend last year.
  • I attended my younger cousin’s wedding last summer. (Although she’s only younger by like four months…)
  • I keep finding out about high school classmates who are engaged, married, pregnant or already parents, thanks to Facebook.
  • I have two weddings for friends this summer (and all the events associated with those – showers and bachelorette parties, oh my!).
  • I have had night sweats about being the only single person of my friends at said weddings and wondering who I’m going to bribe to dance with me.
  • One of my best friends from college is engaged to get married next summer.
  • I have already started thinking about which of my guy friends I am going to invite as my “plus one” if I don’t have a significant other at that time.
  • My beloved friend Mary may or may not have already sent me a picture of the bridesmaid dress I will be wearing to her wedding when it happens.
  • I have joked about a contract with Kirsten that we will be in each other’s wedding parties.
  • I have seriously discussed the “how do I choose who is going to be in my wedding party” dilemma with my mother.
  • I have seriously had the “what is my engagement ring going to look like” discussion with my mother.
  • I have seriously had the “will you wear these pearls from your grandmother on your wedding day” discussion with my mother.
  • I have also already picked the song I will dance to with my father at my wedding.
  • I have noted that while I have had these discussions with my mother and a few select others, there is still no prospect for a husband in sight.
  • I receive questions from extended family every time I see them about my relationship status. (Still single…)
  • I have seriously contemplated joining an online dating site to remedy that fact.

That’s among many other things. But these are seriously signs for me. I wasn’t the little girl who planned out the wedding of her dreams and played it out with her baby dolls/Barbie dolls/dress up clothes. I never seriously thought about any of these things, probably until I started living with Kirsten, who has always been a bit wedding-obsessed, our sophomore year. (That’s OK, I still love you!) But to seriously seriously talk about these things? Weird.

I also may or may not have a slight addiction to Say Yes to the Dress on Friday nights on TLC. That’s the one detail of the wedding, aside from the hubby, that I haven’t figured out yet. So I’m just getting ideas. Right? …Right. 😉

What are some other signs of being in your mid-20s, single or not??

Disclaimer: to those friends getting married, I am THRILLED for you and cannot wait for your big days. But yes, I do have nightmares of being the one who catches the bouquet and sobbing in the fetal position under the table with a bottle of champagne because I have no man to freak out with the prospect of us getting married. So if I don’t go diving for it, don’t be upset with me. 😉 Love you all!

P.S.: I will also be more than willing to man two cameras for you on your day,
and try not to look like this…but no promises…

Don't judge...


10 thoughts on “You Know You’re [Single] in Your Mid-20s When…

  1. Whoa. :0

    It’s much easier being 24 for guy…. I guess? Or it depends on the person? When people ask me when I will get serious with a girl, my reply is, “I’m only 24! I have plenty of time!”

    • I think it definitely is easier for guys. There’s not as much pressure for guys to settle down. I often give the “I have plenty of time,” answer, but that’s not acceptable for some people in other generations who were already married with two kids by 24.

      Oh well, c’est la vie!

  2. There is plenty of life to be lived and truly there is no rush. It will happen when it is supposed to happen. This should not be on the list of “worries”…

  3. My friend talked me into making an online dating profile “just for fun”… No joke, it matched me with MY BROTHER! It was like a moment out of a bad movie. I laughed until I cried, then deleted my account immediately (to save him the awkwardness seeing me in his inbox of “matches”). Hopefully you’ll have better luck than me if you try it 😉

    • Oh man…that is hysterical! Luckily I don’t have a brother, so that wouldn’t be a concern. I’m still not sure where I stand on the whole online dating thing in general. I’ve got a lot of other things to focus on in my life right now though, so it’ll probably sit on the backburner for a good while before I think about whether to actually do it. 🙂

  4. “I also may or may not have a slight addiction to Say Yes to the Dress on Friday nights on TLC.”

    – samesies. I’d say 42% of my DVR is say yes to the dress. I want to go to kleinfeld’s with my unlimited budget (HAH) and have Randy spoil me with pnina’s all day!

    On that note, when the time is right, I’m making your appt

    • Haha, can’t wait til we go wedding dress shopping with Randy togeths. We just need to find really rich men to marry who will pay for our dresses for us. Easy peasy.

  5. I’ve known the song I was going to dance with my dad to since I was 13 and the song I’m going to dance my first dance to for almost as long. That’s normal for lyric freaks like us.

    You should totally create an online dating profile – I’m sure that would prove highly entertaining for the rest of us ;).


    • Yeah, there’s a lot of time spent analyzing lyrics in my life. And I’m OK with that. 🙂

      And maybe…maaaaaaaybe I’ll consider the online dating thing just for your entertainment. But probably not 😉

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