The Merits of Hometown Tourism

Have you ever had that strong desire to get out and see something new? To learn something about a culture or historical event you never knew about before? But you just didn’t know where to start, how to afford the trip or where you would get the vacation time for it?

Well, you don’t always have to worry about that. Instead, give hometown tourism a shot. Become a tourist in your own city! Read about how to do it in my [first ever published freelance!] article over at Suite101:

Hometown Tourism: Economical, Easy and Enlightening

Check out the full article on Suite 101!

Find out about the experiences of a woman learning about Gettysburg while living right on the battlefield and how you can see things in a new way through your camera’s lens. Tourism in your hometown is all about taking advantage of your knowledge as a local, but still relaxing and getting some entertainment and education out of it!

I know I do it here in Annapolis and in my “true” hometown of Baltimore. Do you all do it in your towns?? Leave a comment on the article and let me know!


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