Some people just GET you…

One of my nearest and dearest friends, Anna, just left a little bit ago. She came down for the day just to hang out, and I’ve gotta say, there’s nothing like spending time with someone who just completely and totally gets you. One hundred percent, to your very core, gets you and understands you.

There’s something to be said for spending an hour and a half sitting on the couch talking about the changes in our lives, as wonderful and happy or as scary and upsetting as they may be. And watching two episodes of Gilmore Girls on DVD while sipping hot chocolate. And having the same indecisive conversation we’ve been having for almost 12 years of our lives about where we’re going to go to eat. And gorging on delicious food and beautiful cocktails and laughing secretly at the drunk people at the next table at CPK. And having absurd conversations in the ladies’ room after dinner, hoping nobody comes in to hear the ridiculous things we’re saying. And getting lost in the mall trying to leave. And having thoughts about being in a zombie movie. And laughing at each other’s horrible puns and other insanely bad jokes. And spending an hour or more on

Then still being able to give a huge hug, a sincere look in the eyes, a few encouraging words and say goodbye knowing that it will be exactly the same next time.

Some people just GET you, and I don’t know what I’d do without them.


4 thoughts on “Some people just GET you…

  1. Awww…this makes me miss you like whoa because I think YOU get ME (and hopefully vice versa). I’m glad you have other people to help you through the rough days though!

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I love meeting friends who just get it. It’s so nice to have people who love and understand you, regarless of your mood/what you’re doing/etc 🙂 These are the friends you want to hold on to forever.

    • Absolutely! I feel so blessed to have someone like this from each stage of my life. I’ve got one I’ve been hanging on to since elementary school, the one who inspired this post was in middle school, I’ve got one from high school, several from college and some post-college. It’s a wonderful thing 🙂

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