I now bring to you my own version of Texts From Last Night, which I shall call:

“Texts From The Ravens-Steelers Game” or “TFTRSG”


After texting my mom that I switched from my Ray Rice to my Terrell Suggs jersey, this exchange with my Steelers fan dad happens:
Dad: Do you want my Bettis jersey?
Me: Not yet.
Dad: Keep supporting the losers – ruin the Ravens!
Me: Enjoy your beer.


From my non-sports-interested college roommate:
Kirsten: Yay Ravens! Ps. Loving the B on their pants.
Kirsten: Love you too! And the Steelers deserve to lose just for that stupid hair guy!
Me: I’m getting belligerent now. With myself. Uggggggh.
Kirsten: TWSS? And don’t hurt yourself…
Kirsten: A guy at our table broke a knife he’s so mad!
Kirsten: Roethlisberger has helmet hair! Take that Steelers! Boooooooo! (when it’s 31-24 Steelers with 1:30 on the clock)


From my Steelers fan former co-worker:
Krissy: Ravens are going down Lindsay! Steeler domination will continue until the end of the game!
(I didn’t respond to this one)


From my Ravens fan co-worker:
Adam: Center hit himself in the ass with the ball.
Me: I’d like to hit him in the balls with a gigantic knife right now…
Me: Too stressed out. Good thing we don’t have work on Monday. I’ll still be recovering either way. If I don’t have a heart attack.


From my oldest friend:
Julie: What the hell, I seriously feel like I’m about to take a big test or have a life-changing interview. Damn nerves!
Me: I feel like it’s my wedding day and I’m waiting to see if my groom is waiting for me at the end of the aisle.
Julie: I feel like I’m dreaming bcause there is no way a Ravens/Steelers game should be going this well for us (apparently we were dreaming)
Me: Gonna jump off my balcony.
Julie: Wish I had one so I could join you.
after a long period of silence from me
Julie: Now I’m afraid that you actually HAVE jumped off the balcony…
(which is when I started this blog post – I literally got 6 different “are you alive?!” posts from people when I started writing this)


And this just in from my high school BFF:
Lauren: Hey, it could be worse, at least you weren’t raped by Ben Roethlisberger.



Yup, we lost. Dad gets the bragging rights this year. And I guess I’ll appease him and cheer for the Steelers from here on out. It was one hell of a game though – the first half was amazing and the second half was devastating. And now, it’s just about bedtime….


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