Cheers to 2010 (Part four!)

So there’s just one day left in this year. Crazy. Guess it’s time to look at the last three months.

October 2010 – Cross country and back again, with a few revelations in there
October began with making a trip to D.C. to visit Kirsten and see Tyrone Wells in concert. Great concert, great time with my former roomie, great meeting new friends. Not so great leaving my phone sitting on her bed in her apartment and not realizing it until I was back in my apartment building. When I was leaving for Montana in less than 48 hours. Speaking of which…

I WENT TO MONTANA. For the Society of Environmental Journalists conference. Absolutely amazing place. I want to go back. It was never really a place on my “I MUST GO HERE” list, but I added it to my “I MUST GO BACK HERE” list afterward. Mountains and clear water and amazingness everywhere we went. And the conference reminded me of where I want to be, where my passion lies. And that I NEED to find some way to get into travel writing. It’s just gotta happen.

Totally normal

Followed very shortly by… homecoming! My first homecoming going back to Elon. And I sat on an alumni panel for the School of Communications. Unreal. I lived in denial that I wasn’t in college, but also in the very real world of “these kids want advice from me.” A very surreal experience that reminded me of my roots and my love.

Sitting on the alumni panel. So legit.

And then there was that epic night out Halloween weekend which resulted in me being miserable at my sister’s bonfire the next night and my bro-in-law trying to haze me. Which leads me to…

November 2010 – Eight straight days of drinking…oh right, and back-to-back conferences
November was a bit of a hectic month. There was the Chesapeake Watershed Forum in West Virginia, followed immediately by the Restore America’s Estuaries Conference in Texas. The first of these was more educational to me than the second. There was virtually no point in being at the second. But I learned that environmentalists know how to party. That making friends with bartenders in beneficial. And that there’s a reason I don’t drink that much anymore. I am not in college anymore. My body can’t handle it. Which is why I can count on one hand the number of drinks I’ve had since then. And again, I realized that traveling is what I want to do. Traveling and writing about the places I go and see. That’s all I want.

This didn't suck in the middle of November...


December 2010 – A month of family and friends
This month has been really nice. I’ve been relaxed, having low-key weekends and spending a lot of time with family and friends. Getting that perspective back. OH, and there was the second-place hideous holiday outfit I got to wear.

Sorry if it hurts your eyes.


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