Cheers to 2010 (Part three!)

Part three of my “best of 2010″ list! Read part one here and two here.

Basically, this was the summer of travel for me. It was pretty epic.

July 2010 – OC, Tennessee and Petty!
The month started out with a trip to Ocean City with two of my coworkers/friends for the weekend. Our first night there, we spent hours out on the beach looking at the stars and drinking cocktails. Beach time was wonderful, meals were delicious, although oddly-timed. Mocking of souvenirs and attire at Sunsations was plentiful, and some of us had our first Seacrets experience. We met up with another mutual friend, plus my friend Lauren. It was a good bonding weekend and a really cheap trip too, which is always good!

A very, very late dinner with the girls in OC.

After that was the epic trip to Knoxville, Tenn. with Kirsten to visit Claire at UT. It was ungodly hot the entire trip, but we succeeded in getting Claire intoxicated for the first time ever, had an over-the-top outlet shopping experience, and of course some ridiculous photo shoots.

With my best friends and the Sunsphere in Knoxville, TN.

Then I finally got to complete my quadfecta of classic rock concerts. I’d seen the Eagles (twice), John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen. I ended it with Tom Petty in Philly with my parents. And I think he wins for my favorite of the four, actually. Rock on, Tom.

August 2010 – Social Overload
So August was really a total whirlwind. It began with a weekend camping trip to Assateague Island with a group of eight of us. That was a blast, aside from the obvious complaints I might have – sleeping on the ground, bugs, and the unpleasant stomach bug that kept me from having a rave on the beach the last night with everyone else.

Deet + holding a package of rolls = involuntary tattoos while camping.

Right after that we had our annual boat trip with work. We were supposed to do actual scientific things, but the equipment was broken, so we pretty much just lounged in our bathing suits on the boat and then went swimming. I was in the first group of people to jump off the boat into the Bay. And I landed on a jellyfish. Straight on it. It went in my bikini bottom and hurt like hell. I wasn’t so thrilled the rest of the day and rather enjoyed my nap at the front of the boat on the way back to shore.

Just another day at the office...

And then…VEGAS!!!! There are pretty much no words for this, other than: yard-long drinks, Irishmen, slots, Pure, walking, tingly skin, private cabana, SoCo from the bottle walking down the street, buffets, dancing, wax museum, hangovers at 5 p.m. Yup. Oh, and some of the greatest people in my life. Ten of us. Amazing.

At the Excalibur pool in Vegas! Yard-long drinks = bad news bears.

September 2010 – Recovery
Yeah, looking back, September was tame. It was a period of recovery after six months of non-stop action, social activity and traveling. And a period of preparation for another ridiculous streak of travel and social activity. My liver thanked me for that month off. The only “big” event was a Labor Day wine tour with a small group of friends. Perfection.

So content after a day of wine tasting and a picnic lunch.


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