Guess It’s Christmastime

I abide strictly by the “No Christmas Before Thanksgiving” rule. Wherever I can help it, there is to be no Christmas music, no Christmas decorations and no viewing of “Love Actually” (as much as I want to watch it year-round). Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I think it deserves its own day. The day after Thanksgiving? Sure, free reign. Go for it. But I usually don’t partake that early.

This year, I got sidetracked by that lovely stomach flu for four or five days after Thanksgiving, and was soon faced with the fact that we were hosting a Christmas Cookie Exchange at our apartment. Uhhh, crap. So last Thursday, Kristin and I decorated our massive tree, as well as the rest of the apartment. And I’ve been on a roll ever since then.

  • The next day, I stayed in on Friday night by myself and watched Love Actually with the lights off, save for the Christmas tree lights, a mug of hot chocolate and a blanket.
  • I’ve already made my first batch of my now-famous peppermint biscotti, with several more batches on the way.
  • Saturday was the cookie party, complete with my playlist of 256 Christmas songs and homemade hot chocolate (with Baileys!) and a lot of laughter with the girls.
  • I only have three people left to buy presents for. The rest are already wrapped and under my tree as I type this.
  • I’ve been listening to my Christmas music on my speakers at work because nobody is in the office.
  • Holiday traffic in Annapolis has been absurd, but I haven’t gotten annoyed with it.
  • I tried to do Midnight Madness in downtown Annapolis, but couldn’t find anywhere to park, so we gave up.
  • I’ve spotted families in matching elf hats, cougars in leopard print Santa hats and knee high boots.
  • I’ve donated to the Salvation Army.
  • The first Christmas party was last night, and I won second place for my hideous holiday outfit.
  • I received a purple Snuggie in the Selfish Santa gift exchange at said party (yup…).

I don’t know why, but the holiday spirit has hit me sooner this year than usual, and I only see it getting more fun and more spirited in these next two weeks.

Anyone else feeling more spirited than usual this year??


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