Friends, food and football

As I’m sitting here very nervously watching the Ravens-Steelers game, I’m reflecting on the very simple, but completely perfect day that I have had. Of course, it could end up being not-so-perfect with the outcome of this game, but it’ll still be pretty darn good.

I started the day with an hour at the gym, which I had entirely to myself. My weekend workouts are definitely my “me” time and after not being able to work out for over a week thanks to the nasty stomach flu I caught over Thanksgiving, it was just what I needed. A solid hour of watching NFL Network, listening to Glee music, reading my Marie Claire and working out. Not a care in the world and really taking care of ME.

Two months from tomorrow (!!!!!!) we leave for Jamaica and I’m determined to keep the holiday weight off for that trip, so after our Christmas Cookie party last night (more on that later), I needed to work out.

The gym was followed by a trip to the grocery store, which was also deserted. And I always love going to the grocery store on Sundays during football season and seeing everyone in their jerseys. I don’t know, it’s weird, but I love it. There was a fair mix of Steelers and Ravens jerseys today, but everyone was cordial for the most part. I couldn’t help but smile when I walked out of the store behind a man in a Ravens jersey and one in a Steelers jersey and one said to the other, “Enjoy the game tonight, it should be a good one!” To quote Kirsten, “I love it when men are friendly…with each other!”

Once Kristin got home from church, we headed over to the boys’ house, where we spent the next eight hours. Kristin and Jake made chili con queso, Josh made wings and Matt and I sat on our butts and ate it all.

I can’t really explain it, but there’s something so nice about just lounging on the leather couches watching football, eating good food and cracking jokes with good friends. Then we all got this sudden craving to watch Elf, so we searched and found it on tv and flipped back and forth between that and the late games.

It may be that the holiday spirit has gotten into me early this year, or it may just be that my life is really pretty good (in most respects). Or a combination of both. But seriously…today was probably my definition of a perfect December Sunday.

And at this moment, the Ravens are winning, but we’ll see how it ends up…



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