The Best TV Channel Ever

OK, so I know I have a LOT of updating to do, but as I’m sitting here at home on a Saturday night bonding with my Adobe Flash software instead of being out partying in Annapolis, I couldn’t help but get uber-excited about this TV channel I just stumbled across. It may be the same channel my father is obsessed with and is always DVRing concerts from, but maybe not…

I turn it on and it’s John Mayer Storytellers.

Followed by Jason Mraz’s Beautiful Mess Live.

Followed by The Script acoustic sesion.

Followed by Jack Johnson from Germany.

Hello, Palladia, and thank you for making my productive website work night even more enjoyable. And hello, DVR…hopefully you will prevent me from staying up all night…

Update at 12:52 a.m.: Train followed Jack Johnson. And clearly the DVR didn’t save me from staying up. But hey, I get an hour back tonight, right??


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