Take a look outside and see what’s shakin’ in the real world

The title of this post, and by extension this whole blog, comes from a John Butler Trio song, “Good Excuse.” I got into JBT while I was in Australia and really enjoy their music a lot. “Good Excuse” is definitely one of the catchier tunes that I have to restrain myself from singing along to out loud at work.*

(If you haven’t checked out JBT before, definitely do. They are absolutely incredible live and I’m hoping to get to see them live again some time!)

In fact, it was at work the other day that I was humming along to this song (on one of the days when my cube neighbor isn’t in the office) and thought, “Hmm…see what’s shakin’ in the real world…that’s a pretty good blog title.” And hence, here I am. Again. On at least my fourth blog in the past two years.**

The reason my other blogs have failed recently is because I haven’t had made the time to write. I have been too busy, forgive me, seeing what’s shaking in the real world. I spend 40 hours a week in a dreary, grey, dark cubicle staring at a computer screen. When I’m not in that cubicle, I don’t want to spend much time staring at another (albeit prettier…I love you, MacBook) screen.

I want to be with friends. At happy hour. Playing softball. Taking weekend trips. Going places. Doing things. Meeting people.

Isn’t that what life in your 20s is supposed to be all about? On my previous blog, I started writing a series of posts (OK, so it only ever made it to number two…) about life in my 20s. I’m hoping to resurrect that here and follow through with it. I’ve got a list of blog topics going now, so hopefully this one will really stick. For those who have blog-hopped with me, I know you’ve heard it before. And you may not believe me. I don’t blame you. But this time feels different. This time, it’s me. Out there for real.

Taking a look outside, but also taking a good long look inside. Figuring out life in my first year+ as a “real” adult in the “real world.” And enjoying [almost] every minute of it.

*I’ve gotta admit, I’ve never actually looked at the other lyrics to this song before…wow, depressing. But I still like the chorus haha
**Yes, I’ve lost track of how many blogs I’ve had…that’s probably a problem.

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